Our Mission DiveN2Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides children and youth with the education and experience to affect positive individual, social, and environmental change. We mobilize their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, and connect them with research service learning opportunities where participants use their knowledge and talents to address problems in the field.

What We Do

DiveN2Life is an extracurricular enrichment program that utilizes SCUBA diving and scientific research diving as the tools to attract and engage adolescents and young adults to STEM and active citizenship. Data collected since June 2016 has shown that youth’s interest in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the humanities (geography, anthropology, civics, and underwater archaeology) increases because they discover real-life applications for the concepts and content they are learning in school. Students’ motivation to study these subjects in school increases, and they perform better in their classes.

It's Real Science!

Coral sedimentation survey completed by a DiveN2Lifer for a scholastic STEM fair.

Who We Help

DiveN2Life serves youth ages eight and up, as well as their teachers and parents. We introduce students, teachers, and parents to the ocean and the marine environment through hands-on, experiential place-based learning in and under the water. Once participants have learned to snorkel and SCUBA dive, they begin continuing education and research service learning projects which address issues, interests, and problems in their local communities, the region, and the nation. Our participants use their civic voices to express the need to protect our National Parks and National Marine Sanctuaries. The DiveN2Life Lower Keys Jr. Scientific Dive Team is currently working on coral restoration initiatives, sea grass bed restorartion projects, surveying and monitoring coral reefs for bleaching and disease in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, documenting underwater heritage sites (historic and contemporary shipwrecks), and collaborating with NOAA on education and research activities to promote and protect our natural and cultural landscapes and seascapes. Professional educators, scientists from across all disciplines, elected officials, and business members from the community mentor participants using the latest scientific tools, NOAA and NASA technologies, and marine engineering and computer applications (like side scan sonar, GIS, and Hypack).

It's More Than Observation!

Teaching the next generation of active citizens to strive for positive impacts on the sport of diving; their natural environment; their cultural heritage, and our communities.

How We Serve

Our Jr. Scientific Divers work alongside AAUS (American Association of Underwater Sciences) professionals, and are trained as AAUS Science Divers. They continuously develop their SCUBA diving knowledge, skills, and practices through SSI (SCUBA Schools International) Specialty Courses as they work towards Master Diver (the highest level of SCUBA experience before becoming a dive professional) and Dive Master ratings. Participants design and carry out research service learning projects and studies under the direct supervision and guidance of mentors; researchers present their work at local, regional, state, and national competitions, symposiums, and conferences. We meet with our elected officials and participate in civic expression. But, DiveN2Life is not all work! Our program is challenging, but we also have a great time learning, working, and SCUBA diving together!

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