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Why Donate?
DiveN2Life needs your financial support in order to bring scientific diving and service learning to the young people and families who depend on this program. DiveN2Life is a community of parents, K-12 teachers, university professors, SCUBA diving shops and other business owners, civic groups, scientists, researchers, and concerned citizens with a passion for providing quality, life-changing extracurricular place-based STEM enrichment and non-formal educational opportunities to children and young adults in the Florida Keys. Our volunteer-led team gives their time, their energy, and their monetary resources to support our program. However, a gap remains. Please join our family. Donate today.
You can choose how you want to contribute.
DiveN2Life could use your help in many areas.
We have 3 distinct opportunities for you to lend a hand:
Everybody deserves to participate...
DiveN2Life keeps tuition extremely low for participants because we seek corporate and organizational level sponsors, and our mentors, dive leaders, and educators are volunteers from the community. Our goal is to provide STEM enrichment programming to all interested children and youth, regardless of their economic situation. We need your help. Please consider sponsoring a student’s tuition for a semester, or for the entire year.
Give a scholarship to a deserving student for....
a single semester ($500)
an entire year ($2,000)
A Continuing Education Dive Course ($225)
A USCG Captain-in-Training ($625)
Sponsor Travel
Everybody deserves to participate...
DiveN2Life students who want to take their participation to higher levels engage in educational travel and research service learning trips. With your generous financial support, scholarships can be provided to help fund educational travel and research service learning trips for those who cannot afford to participate in these important learning activities and experiences. Please consider sponsoring a student.
Sponsor Travel for a deserving student for....
A local trip ($100)
A statewide trip ($300)
A southern-region trip ($500)
An international trip ($1,000)
Your contributions are invaluable..
DiveN2Life candidates are selected based on their interest in science, and demonstrated potential rather than academic achievement or performance in school. Our participants develop responsibility for themselves and their teammates, problem solving skills, strong self-regulation, and the ability to use higher-level critical thinking skills. Children who qualify for free/reduced lunch are offered scholarships to cover the modest registration fee, purchase dive gear, and attend activities and events. Please support our efforts to reach as many at-risk youth as possible by making a tax-deductible donation to our DiveN2Life General Fund today. Donations to our General Fund also ensure our general liability insurance, group professional dive insurance, legal and accounting costs, continuing education tuition fees, required attendance at continuing education conferences and organizational symposiums, and mandatory agency membership fees are covered.
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Employer Matching
If your employer matches contributions
If your organization matches employee contributions, please search your giving portal for DiveN2Life and give what you can. If you cannot find us on your giving portal, please let us know how we can engage with your organization.
DiveN2Life is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) and all scientific research diving and training is conducted under their auspices.
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